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Below are the 2023-24 registration instructions:

We will be using the NFHS online courses for a all of the training this year.

Course Completion Certificates are for your use only, we are using the honor system, NO REASON TO SEND US.


Registration fees are as follows: 

Membership fee of $65 per referee $150 assignor fee (see note below)

If you owe unpaid fees from the previous season, you will be required to pay those during this registration. Please make the check for those unpaid fees payable to Mac Brazelton.

Assignor Fee:  A change has been made how each referee will pay the Assignor for game fees. You are now required to pre-pay $150 at registration.  If you are assigned more than twenty five games, our Assignor Bob Karmann will work with you directly to pay for these additional game fees.  If at the end of the season you were not assigned twenty five games, Bob Karmann will refund you the difference or you can keep the balance until the following season.  This new procedure keeps us in line with our surrounding Referee Units.  Your check for the assignor fees must be sent out to Robert Karmann or you can Venmo Bob the fees @: Robert-karmann
Registration Forms: 

Membership form to be completed and signed Ethics form to be completed and signed

All forms are available on the FCSOA website, Forms are available below you can print and complete them ahead of time. 

Remote Registration
Print, complete and mail or Email the membership and ethics forms to:
                Ron Cardin
                8569 Orchard Street
                Alta Loma, Ca 91701

 Include a check made out to FCSOA for the $65 registration fee and a check made out to Robert Karmann for the $150 assignor fee.    If you owe unpaid fees from previous seasons, you will be required to pay those during this registration.  Please make a check payable to Mac Brazelton for the unpaid fees. 

 If you wish to pay electronically, Ron and Bob can support either Venmo or Zelle.  Please contact Ron directly at (909) 437-1241 and Bob at (626) 201-5578 for Venmo/Zelle account information.


1. In the box that says Unit insert: Foothill 2. In the box that says Password insert: CIFEXAM (ALL CAPS) 3. In the box that says Group pick Foothill 4. In the box that says Name insert your first & last name